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James Lee aninosakanto at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 19 18:56:18 EDT 2001

<< Most of the characters in EVA are named after ships in the 
 Japanese navy. 
  Since Asuka's mother was German, I'm guessing they simply chose a 
 well known 
  German craft. >>
Speaking of non-Japanese ships bearing Eva characters' names, I got
the following from military history books:

The Graf Zeppelin was supposed to be the German Kriegsmarine's first
aircraft carrier.  She was christened and launched in December 1938,
but construction was never completed.  She was scuttled by the
Germans in 1945.  The Soviets attempted to raise her but she sank
again in 1947 while being towed Russia.

The USS Langley (CV-1) was the US Navy's first aircraft carrier,
commissioned into service on March 1922.  By the late 1930's, newer
carriers had rendered her obsolete and she was reassigned to the
Asiatic Fleet in Sangley Point, Philippines.  When war broke out in
December 1941, the Asiatic Fleet was ordered out of Philippine waters
and assigned to support Allied operations in the Dutch East Indies
and Australia.  In February 1942, while the USS Langley was carrying
fighter planes to Java, she was attacked by Japanese bombers and
suffered catastrophic damage.  She was abandoned and her crew was
transferred to two US destroyers, but the Langley was still afloat
when they fled the area.

No one actually saw the Langley sink.

In 1943, the US Navy commissioned the Independence class of aircraft
carriers.  Among them was the USS Langley (CVL-27), which fought in
the western Pacific.  Unlike her predecessor, the new USS Langley
survived the war.  

The USS Langley was loaned to the French Navy in the 1950's (becoming
the Lafayette) and saw action during the Viet Minh rebellion.  She
was returned to the US Navy in the 1960's and scrapped.

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