[EVA] Sadamoto on the Kodansha site

e e29au at yahoo.com.au
Sat Aug 9 13:38:44 EDT 2003

R.J.N wrote:
> After Anno and Takeda, Sadamoto too is interviewed
> on the Kodansha
> site.
> Er...does he say anything memorable (or Anno for
> that matter).

I only had a *very quick* look at it yesterday, and I
don't speak Japanese, but I didn't come across
anything in particular.  Title refers to there being
Two Evangelions (the manga version and the anime
version presumably).

Sadamoto based his manga on original materials
relating to the anime (script etc) - he does refer to
asking Anno questions like "What is this?" and Anno
would side-step the issue by replying "What indeed?".

Sadamoto points out that Evangelion was deliberately
made to be ambiguous and feels this is one of its good


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