[EVA] Eva theatrical "drowned" poster

Nigouki a_801 at wp.pl
Fri Sep 5 19:07:39 EDT 2003

I have seen one some time ago. I remember, that I had it on my disc, but
after formatting, which was disastrous, I have lost it. Hmm...I know, that
it exists though.

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Subject: [EVA] Eva theatrical "drowned" poster

> A post in an Anime on DVD thread had a picture from the LD theatrical
> box I have been looking for for ages
> http://www.pustan.com/ld/japan/evabox.html
> Its a poster of all the Eva characters drowned & floating upside down
> in (what I presume to be) LCL - a red translucent liquid.
> The picture had white text along the top, but I'm looking for a
> version without the text if possible.
> Just seeing a clear textless picture online for wallpaper would be
> good!
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