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> Then he said "is that not so <heavy emphasis> Major </emphasis>
> Katsuragi.

Don't recall the presence of such a line after the remark about
anybody being fine to find comfort.

@@Its there. The emphasis made his remark seem more personal that the
others' taunts.

> This implied to me that Hyuga is accusing Misato of having sex with
> Gendou, which may have helped her promotion, especially to Major
> (nobody seemed to outrank her as a Captain in the series).

Gendou?! Wouldn't you rather go for the simpler explanation, which
would be that Misato is throwing in her own face (through Makoto) her
guilt about exploiting Makoto's obvious crush on her to gather what
information she needed, which is, in a way, a form of distraction from
Kaji's death. Whether we want to see in this a hint that she's slept
with him for that (I'd tend to exclude this) or that the authors just
wanted to stress that such an act wouldn't be beyond her attitude,
it's irrelevant and, in fact, left unexplained. I see no reason to
connect this to the promotion bit, which has an entirely different
context (Misato's congratulated shell vs her inner self).

@@I don't believe Misato was exploiting him. In fact she shows him no
affection in her voice at all. Her "arigatou" when he says he'd be
happy to die with her was almost a bit surprised/flattered. Makoto IMO
volunteered to help Misato, as a way of ingratiating himself to her,
perhaps hoping for her attention on the rebound from Kaji. Nerdy male
after hyperactive woman in a more mature way?

> Hyuga was certainly obcessed with Misato, and jealous.

Jealous? Where do you gather that?
Again from the tone of his voice when he speaks to her about comfort
Obviously did not have sex with her.

> and his folks (I think) took Pen Pen when they evacuated from Tokyo

No, that was Hikari.
Thanks :)

> Misato was the last "person" he saw in EoE.

So we have already established he had a big thing for Misato. Does not
support the rest of the point.

@@I think his jealousy (probably identifying with him!) made him put 2
+ 2 and make 5. It was a scene after or during Complementation , so
more feelings are exposed.

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