[EVA] Series TV and Video release differences.

Peter Svensson sun1jack at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 5 22:40:47 EST 2004

>I was wondering wich differences had the original release of Eva for the TV 
>and the first video release of the series.

Ah. There are some minor differences here and there. I'm actually planning 
on making a total list of the changes, but that requires that I buy the 
Second Impact TV DVD Boxset, as that was the version that released the As 
Seen on TV version. And as I'm totally broke, that ain't gonna happen any 
time soon.

>I thought the only difference was in the length of the 'next episode 
>preview'. Exactly how many seconds where taken from it on the video 
>version? Are there any other differences?

15 second previews in the original TV broadcast.
30 second previews in the Home Video version.

There were some minor redrawing of scenes and new animations done for the 
home video release. I know that product placements were added to the home 
video version. I remember hearing that the scene where Shinji stays behind 
the train was altered for the home video version.

I wish I could give you a complete list, but I can't. Sorry.

Peter Svensson
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