[EVA] Series TV and Video release differences.

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: >I was wondering wich differences had the original release of Eva
for the TV
: >and the first video release of the series.
: Ah. There are some minor differences here and there. I'm actually
: on making a total list of the changes, but that requires that I buy
: Second Impact TV DVD Boxset, as that was the version that released
the As
: Seen on TV version. And as I'm totally broke, that ain't gonna
happen any
: time soon.
: >I thought the only difference was in the length of the 'next
: >preview'. Exactly how many seconds where taken from it on the video
: >version? Are there any other differences?
: 15 second previews in the original TV broadcast.
: 30 second previews in the Home Video version.
: There were some minor redrawing of scenes and new animations done
for the
: home video release. I know that product placements were added to the
: video version. I remember hearing that the scene where Shinji stays
: the train was altered for the home video version.
: I wish I could give you a complete list, but I can't. Sorry.
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