[EVA] Episode title translation questions

Chris Johnson chrajohn at alumni.indiana.edu
Fri Feb 6 17:33:55 EST 2004

A couple questions I've been wondering about for a while:

(1) Episode 16 - The Literal Translation Project 
gives "Disease to die, and...", while I believe 
ADV used "Sickness unto Death, and then..." 
Obviously they mean the same thing, but the ADV 
version has an added connotation, as "Sickness 
Unto Death" is the standard English title for one 
of Kierkegaard's books.  (Checking around, the 
Danish title appears to be "Sygdommen til 
Døden".)  Any evidence this was an intentional 
reference on the part of GAINAX?  Or was it 
something ADV added?

(2) Episode 26 - Both the LTP and ADV give "The 
Beast that Shouted "I" at the Heart of the 
World".  When I first saw the series, I thought 
that was such a cool title, given the focus on 
the nature of the self and its relation to the 
rest of the world.

It's been noted that this is a reference to 
Harlan Ellison's "The Beast that Shouted Love at 
the Heart of the World".  I was wondering how 
certain we were that the title is using the 
English pronoun 'I'.  Is this this a multilingual 
Chris Johnson                	  chrajohn at alumni.indiana.edu

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