[EVA] Series TV and Video release differences.

Peter Svensson sun1jack at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 6 22:38:35 EST 2004

>ADV's version is the TV version, so if you have seen it/got it, you're

Incorrect. ADV used the home video versions of episodes 1 through 20. For 
Episodes 21 through 26 they used the broadcast versions. Which is how ADV 
was able to get their releases of those episodes out before they were 
released in Japan. Also, ADV's license didn't cover the revised versions of 
those episodes as well IIRC.

ADV is only now releasing the home video versions of episodes 21 through 26.

So the only way to get a complete "As seen on TV" edition is to buy the 
Second Impact DVD Box Sets.

Peter Svensson

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