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Both references are officially confirmed by Gainax.


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>A couple questions I've been wondering about for a while:
>(1) Episode 16 - The Literal Translation Project 
>gives "Disease to die, and...", while I believe 
>ADV used "Sickness unto Death, and then..." 
>Obviously they mean the same thing, but the ADV 
>version has an added connotation, as "Sickness 
>Unto Death" is the standard English title for one 
>of Kierkegaard's books.  (Checking around, the 
>Danish title appears to be "Sygdommen til 
>Døden".)  Any evidence this was an intentional 
>reference on the part of GAINAX?  Or was it 
>something ADV added?
>(2) Episode 26 - Both the LTP and ADV give "The 
>Beast that Shouted "I" at the Heart of the 
>World".  When I first saw the series, I thought 
>that was such a cool title, given the focus on 
>the nature of the self and its relation to the 
>rest of the world.
>It's been noted that this is a reference to 
>Harlan Ellison's "The Beast that Shouted Love at 
>the Heart of the World".  I was wondering how 
>certain we were that the title is using the 
>English pronoun 'I'.  Is this this a multilingual 
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