[EVA] Episode title translation questions

Peter Svensson sun1jack at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 6 22:43:58 EST 2004

>It's been noted that this is a reference to Harlan Ellison's "The Beast 
>that Shouted Love at the Heart of the World".  I was wondering how certain 
>we were that the title is using the English pronoun 'I'.  Is this this a 
>multilingual pun?

It's a pun. It reads in Japanese along the terms of "The Beast that Shouted 
"AI" at the Heart of the World."

The "AI" is written in Katakana IIRC, which either means that it's a foreign 
word being phonetically rendered in Japanese,  in which case it has the 
meaning of the English word "I" or that it is a Japanese word, but meant to 
be emphasized, in which case it means "Love."

But yes, it is a Harlan Ellison reference, one that ADV missed when 
translating the series it seems...

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