[EVA] Remastered Eva 01 Test Type Full Length OP

Federico Dominguez Pousada federico_dominguez at ciudad.com.ar
Thu Feb 12 00:23:03 EST 2004

Well, those scenes wich could be seen on ep23', when Ritsuko talks in front
of the clones on the pool, as shown in the test type DVD they're new. I
mean, on that edition they don't have the semi-transparent Reis floating
around, so the images are clearer.

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> I just finish viewing the full length OP contained in
> EVA 01 TEST TYPE DVD that came out before the
> remastered boxsets... it strikes me that it contain
> scenes that I believe are non-existent in the released
> series + movies... however at least one did appear in
> the manga eg:  yui embraces shinji when he is
> unconcious in his first ever sortie, against Angel
> #3...
> i guess these are the pre-finalised scence that were
> in the original script but were taken out by Anno
> after finalising.
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