[EVA] Remastered Eva 01 Test Type Full Length OP

Gualtiero 'Shito' Cannarsi shito at tin.it
Thu Feb 12 19:24:40 EST 2004

Anyone noticed the fact in jpg 5/6/7?

So Adam and the proto-Eva do ARE attached after all...

Old timers of the ML may recall the subject...


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> OK, here they are. All have been take at the video's original resolution
> (640x480) and are top-quality JPGs converted from TIFFs, so there are no
> artifacts due to compression. There is some kind of water effect on these,
> so some parts can be a bit blurry. I've included all texts appearing in
> this sequence (all images are concentrated in the central part of the
> video)...there are other texts throughout the video, but...well, R-Type
> Final is waiting ^^ BTW, if someone doesn't has a chance to download the
> video, it basically goes thru all Eva characters and mechas...the only new
> images are the one posted and probably text.
> Here we go...
> http://wolfart.altervista.org/eva_caps/01.jpg
> http://wolfart.altervista.org/eva_caps/02.jpg
> http://wolfart.altervista.org/eva_caps/03.jpg
> http://wolfart.altervista.org/eva_caps/04.jpg
> http://wolfart.altervista.org/eva_caps/05.jpg
> http://wolfart.altervista.org/eva_caps/06.jpg
> http://wolfart.altervista.org/eva_caps/07.jpg
> http://wolfart.altervista.org/eva_caps/08.jpg
> http://wolfart.altervista.org/eva_caps/09.jpg (spectacular at least)
> http://wolfart.altervista.org/eva_caps/10.jpg (there are no better frames
> for this one)
> http://wolfart.altervista.org/eva_caps/11.jpg (don't really remember if
> it's but, but...
> http://wolfart.altervista.org/eva_caps/12.jpg (...it fades in the image
> below...)
> http://wolfart.altervista.org/eva_caps/13.jpg (...which I don't really
> http://wolfart.altervista.org/eva_caps/14.jpg
> That's all.
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