[EVA] Remastered Eva 01 Test Type Full Length OP

Federico Dominguez Pousada federico_dominguez at ciudad.com.ar
Thu Feb 12 20:19:59 EST 2004

Well, just think about the first glimpse you had of an Adam made Eva. Eva 00
in episode 21. IT was nothing like the Eva we see on the picture from the
Test Type DVD. It was more like a skeleton, whose lower parts could not be
seen. But on the TT DVD we see a half grown complete Eva, nothing like
Zerogouki of olden times.

Besides, from the liner notes we know Lillith was joined with Eva 01 by the
legs, we also know that Lillith wears a mask and is crucified. All pieces
fall together with that image. Cannot be other than Lillith.

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