Adam and Lance, was Re: [EVA] Remastered Eva 01 Test Type Full Length OP

Ebj ebj.nerv at
Fri Feb 13 01:20:38 EST 2004

> Yeah.
> What about the first picture?
> Look at Adam lying in the pit (damn, he looks a lot like the
> from Nausicaa).

No wonder, considering Anno and Miyazaki know and appreciate each
That's Antarctica and the White Moon, huh? People certainly appears to
be wearing appropriately heavy clothing.

> Look closely at his back - at the two "spines" poking out
> and disappearing out of the shot.
> Lance of Longinus?

Most likely, but why? Wouldn't seem to be a natural state then.

Also, back to the conjoined shots, why the arm damage if that's

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