[EVA] Remastered Eva 01 Test Type Full Length OP

Michael Wignall wignall-getright at powerup.com.au
Fri Feb 13 08:51:15 EST 2004

From: Federico Dominguez Pousada
[mailto:federico_dominguez at ciudad.com.ar] 
> Besides, from the liner notes we know Lillith 
> was joined with Eva 01 by the legs, we also 
> know that Lillith wears a mask and is crucified.
> All pieces fall together with that image. Cannot 
> be other than Lillith.

The other thing to mention of course is that when we first see Lilith,
she has no legs. Why does she have no legs, well because they were made
into Eva-01.

Michael Wignall

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