[EVA] Gunbuster 2

M bochan at r4.dion.ne.jp
Fri May 21 16:20:02 EDT 2004

> While I don't believe Gainax has surprised anyone since FLCL,
> I agree that they have many more cards to play. Consider
> that in 1985, when Miyazaki was the same age Anno is now,
> <snip Miyazaki film list> all lay ahead of him. Oshii was also
> Anno's current age when he made GHOST IN THE SHELL,
> yet took a nine-year break from feature anime directing.

True, but potential does not necessarily guarantee results.
In fact, in his latest interview (still working, folks -- have patience),
Anno himself says that if/when he returns to anime, he could not make
another Eva simply because he is a different and much happier person now.
He attributes this partly to his marriage, and says that he would want to
make a lighter, happier and faster-paced anime.  (Now we know where the
Cutey Honey live-action film came from...)

So unless some pretty serious storm clouds lie on the horizon...

> Hiroyuki Yamaga remains the most frustrating figure <s>
> His one and only feature film ROYAL SPACE FORCE
> is one of the greatest achievements of Japanese animation,
> yet his return to directing fourteen years later was

I could not agree more.
And the way Yamaga gushed at the [Gainax Live! in Nagoya] event (Jan.
2001) about always wanting to do a show like Mahoromatic, and how that
type of show (his words: "serious, bespectacled young lad meets bosomy,
amorous older women") is his true love, I do not think there is much
potential there either.  IIRC there was talk about a Royal Space Force
sequel (Blue Uru?), but so far nothing has happened.

I just hope that Tsurumaki has not become corrupted by the Gainax "otaku
fanboy" atmosphere, but am witholding judgment until Cunbuster 2 comes


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