[EVA] Renewal/Platinum episodes 14 & 15

R.J.N rjn at beeb.net
Tue Nov 9 12:11:05 EST 2004

Mainly #14 - the power failure episode.

Renewal/Platinum has added echoes not used in the original AFA I can
remember. These are in NERV HQ & the JSDF HQ for voices in the
background, not really distinguishable words, but definitely shouts.
Will do subtitle check with orig ADV releases.

Episode #15, Misato's solo command & 1st as a Major (do NERV officer
insignia reflect Japanese military ones?). ADV has subtitled the
"Wah-kun from Tokyo 2" letter on the background radio show. I was
afraid they would not after Vol 1 & 2 omitted subs that their original
DVDs & VHS included.

Gotta check for the NERV background commands repeating Misato's orders

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