[Eva] Manga continuation - Stage 70

M bochan at r4.dion.ne.jp
Fri Dec 2 03:00:36 EST 2005

> ## With simply the thought of him, I could
> ## have endured any indignity! Even my own
> ## body didn't matter. (tears form in her eyes)
> ## But I didn't want him to think that.
> ## But... but he...
> > : This is a *huge* hint as to what Gendo says to
> > : Ritsuko before he shoots her in EoE.
> : Bochan (and anyone else), what is it
> : you think Gendou said?

In EoE, Gendo says:
     "Ritsuko Akagi, I truly...

Ritsuko looks surprised, then smiles ruefully and says:

     "... Liar...."

In the manga monologue Ritsuko says that she would have
endured any
humiliation for Gendo, but that she did not want him to
think that.  In
other words, she would have done anything for him, but
she wanted his
feelings for her to be serious as well.  That is to say
she did not want
him to take her for granted or think of her as just a
tool (or worse -- a
temporary stand-in for Yui/Rei).

The words that Gendo spoke in EoE were what she had
been longing to hear
and soothed her feelings (even though she called him a
liar), so it has
to be something related to this.  The exact words of
course are unknown,
but I think just "I truly loved you" is too simple.  My
guess is that it
was something about him not taking her for granted, or
that he never
thought of her as just a tool or a replacement.  i.e.
His feelings for
her had also been true.

This of course made Ritsuko happy to hear, but at the
same time she also
knew it was a lie because nothing could ever replace
Yui in Gendo's

There is no evidence of genetic memory or partial/split
souls in Eva.
Akagi Naoko became part of the Magi because her
personality (= mental
patterns) were directly transplanted into the OS.  Rei
has only Lilith's
soul, and Yui's soul is in Eva-01.

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