[EVA] microman figures

WmmvrrvrrmmrrvrrvmmW wmmvrrvrrmm at mac.com
Wed Dec 21 17:10:13 EST 2005

On 21 Dec 2005, at 15:04, Ray Miller wrote:

> There's an offshoot of the current Microman line called 'Material
> Force', which are blank bodies in various colors and 'builds' (both 
> male
> & female) - the emphasis being on customizing & whatnot.  If Takara
> doesn't make Plug-suit versions, they may be thinking fans would buy a
> Material Force figure & paint it up to match.

I'll be sending off for a couple of flesh coloured females of the 
material force so that I can replace the mid torsoes of Rei and Asuka 
so that they have bare midriffs!


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