[Eva] Eva prequel

M bochan at r4.dion.ne.jp
Sat Jul 9 00:08:36 EDT 2005

I am posting this against my better judgment...

According to inside information from a friend who has
direct dealings with Gainax, Gainax has drawn up plans
for an Eva prequel covering the pre-SI, SI, Gehirn, and
early NERV periods up to the start of the TV series.
These are not firm plans, but more an early draft for a
potential project.  Now before any fanboys start
gushing, let me emphasize again that this is just one
of many project proposals and drafts that Gainax has
drawn up, and even though it would be a guaranteed
money maker (albeit on a much lesser scale than Eva
itself), it may still never get made.  At present it is
just one of many ideas.

Also, Ep4-6 of Gunbuster-2 are supposed to get more
serious and hard-core, which if true has to be a relief
to anyone who has suffered through Ep1-3 (and
especially the rather low-tension Ep3) so far.  (FWIW,
this information comes straight from the mouth of


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