[META] Re: [EVA] MBC News Flash - Malfunctioning Pleasure Doll

Ebj ebj.nerv at flashnet.it
Tue Oct 25 06:31:43 EDT 2005

1) There should be no OT discussion here. The fact that there is little to
discuss most of the time is no good reason to discuss stuff that does not
belong here. "If you can't say anything relevant, then just don't say

2) No, we're not talking about scanlations here, the manga translation is

Of all the things that anybody could've brought up, this GITS joke was the
least necessary one.
More on topic:
- it seems the Eva2 game is coming to the PSP;
- more ugly-looking Eva shirts on the gainax store, one could actually have 
nifty, the monolith-style black shirt, however instead of "sound only" they 
felt  they needed to write "skaterock only", which I'd say ruined it;
- Sadamoto's Asuka-in-party-dress-sitting-on-steps illustration found its
way into a nice looking figure, sadly including an upskirt perspective;
- also in figure a kneeling Asuka in the process of sealing her plugsuit,
this one too is off a Sadamoto illustration, at least IIRC;
- more ugly XX angel stuff has sadly surfaced; X(
- there's another PS2 game, though I can't for the world figure out what's
it about;
- Eva golf for mobiles (imode-japan only);

And I think we should stop here...

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