[EVA][META] And speaking of the latest manga stage...

Aaron Clark theevamonkey at evamonkey.com
Fri Nov 3 11:49:41 EST 2006

You're dealing with the hive of villainy that is Rei-Ayanami.com.  If there's
something someone wants, it gets rapidshared.  If anything, it's probably a good
thing that you're not credited, because you didn't consent to it and you can't be
held accountable for it.


On Fri Nov  3  1:29 , M <bochan at r4.dion.ne.jp> sent:

>Someone is making a scanslation using my translation.
>And while they did a good job cleaning up the scan and getting
>the dialog properly divided and into the right text spaces, they
>neither credited it nor asked permission.
>I don't mind not being credited, but I do mind not being asked first.
>So if you know who took it off the ML or EvaMonkey without
>permission, please slap them upside the head for me.
>And if you are that person...
>"Bad person!  Baaaad!!"  *smack*
>"Forgiveness vs. Permission -- what's a person to do?"
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