[EVA] Eva Manga Stage 74

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Fri Nov 3 19:15:51 EST 2006

>True, manga-Kaworu did provoke and evoke a much more active reaction  
>in Shinji than anime-Kaworu.  I just think that with most fans  
>preferring the good, I-love-you, is-he-or-isn't-he anime-Kaworu vs.  
>the much disliked, evil, kitten-killing manga-Kaworu, nine out of ten  
>people read it the other way.  But it's cleared up now.

I argue that the anime Kaworu, like Yui, is perceived by many fans as good but it is not "good" in the ways that really count. In Kaworu's case, it's because he's incapable of being good (or evil); in Yui's case, it's out of a mother-god complex.

But the manga Kaworu, as you say, is actually a friend to Shinji in the end, and does seem to understand him (you never get the sense in the anime that Shinji and Kaworu really understood each other, most especially in their last moments together). Perhaps the sacrifice of Kaworu in the manga will actually teach a lesson Shinji he can make use of.

Despite (or perhaps because of) his more open negativity in the manga, the manga Shinji seems more at ease with the idea of being a human being. The ending *I* would like to see for the manga is for the human race to be freed of the vanity of both NERV and SEELE, and their grotesque, hysterical reactions to their own humanity. We've had enough apocalypses.


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