[EVA] Eva Manga Stage 74

RJN rjn at beeb.net
Mon Nov 6 15:07:28 EST 2006

: Actually, not by Shinji's logic.  Shinji was the one that picked up
: and cuddled the kitten, and then said he couldn't take it with him
: keep it and tried to drive it away.  People hate Kaworu for killing
: the kitten, but Kaworu was simply showing Shinji the truth of his
: decision not to look after the kitten.  By doing so he prevented
: Shinji from simply not thinking about it or taking solace in a "nice
: lie" (oh, the kitten will be okay on its own) that would let him
: avoid taking responsibility for what he did, or in this case, did
: do.

Kaworu lacks imagination.  He could have, should have, realised that
the kitten would forage hunt & probably survive as its instincts would
sharpen.  Kaworu takes the role of Blackadder IV's General Melchett
deliberately running over the pets of his subaltern to teach him how
to handle cruelty.

Shinji lacked the ability to discriminate, otherwise he would have
been repulsed by Kaworu & remembered Kaworu's act.  Perhaps the fact
he did not was in part due to brutalisation from his experiences.

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