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Mon Nov 6 15:14:57 EST 2006

> Kaworu lacks imagination.  He could have, should have, realised that
> to handle cruelty.

*sigh* Or, the kitten would've died. Although in a fictional story it is possible 
to wish for a 'happy' turn of events, one has to look at what the author is 
trying to say. For the purposes of the concepts trying to be conveyed here, which 
are actually quite articulate and certainly broader than "killing kittens is 
cruel", Sadamoto handled things in a very convincing way. Things *had* to go that 
way or Kaworu wouldn't have been an Angel. To ask of the author to make him 
consider the odds of survival of the cat above zero was to ask of him to think 
that humanity and the Angels could live together, and that Shinji could've gotten 
away by running away once more. "Maybe humans could survive without me(=Shinji) 
deciding to kill Kaworu" is something that won't work and we see Shinji become 
aware of that and of the responsibility it entails for him.

> Shinji lacked the ability to discriminate, otherwise he would have
> been repulsed by Kaworu & remembered Kaworu's act.  Perhaps the fact
> he did not was in part due to brutalisation from his experiences.
> :

On the contrary, he *does* remember and he *feels* to be in the very same spot, 
which is exactly the way things are. Shinji *has* to accept the blood on his 
hands and to become what he was just moments before regarding with revulsion, and 
there is no lack of imagination in this. Unlike tv-Kaworu, there is no 
manipulation in his words to Shinji here: humanity *will* die if it doesn't 
prevail over the angels, and this is something we too have to accept as an axiom 
of this show.

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