[EVA] Eva Manga Stage 74

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Mon Nov 6 15:39:28 EST 2006

Unlike tv-Kaworu, there is no 
>manipulation in his words to Shinji here: humanity *will* die if it doesn't 
>prevail over the angels, and this is something we too have to accept as an axiom 
>of this show.

I don't know if the TV Kaworu manipulated Shinji, or if Shinji, desperate for comfort and empathy, manipulated himself. I also regard as axiomatic that human beings are the prime movers of events in Evangelion, and thus ultimately the war in Eva is between different conceptions of "humanity," with the Angels as a powerful, but ultimately peripheral force in the struggle. The kind of humanity that seems most at risk of dying is that which is most admirable, the one exemplified by Misato and Kaji. 

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