[EVA] Eva Manga Stage 74

Ebj ebj.nerv at flashnet.it
Mon Nov 6 16:10:17 EST 2006

> The TREND, at least, is for people to see something desired, but unattained, 
> before they go SPLOOSH.
> Shinji ------ Asuka (with emphasis on the bust)

When would that be? Do you mean when he strangles her? Is he even part of the 
process in the same way the others are, even though what we see in the movie 
indicates otherwise (not at the same time at least, plus being at the center of 
the event, having a degree of control on it, being inside an Anti-ATField 

> Aoba? Who knows. And Gendo is... special, so nevermind him.

Kinda hard to do. Aoba is still an unknown factor, but Gendo wanted to be 
punished. What really is weird is the half-Gendo in Real-Eva01's hand. Maybe 
that's the way he wanted his reality to be and so reality was bent that way, but 
we really don't know (gee, I should put a (tm)Gainax after this last 

> In any event, for Misato to see Kaji would be a bit anomalous.

Of course, she sees Pen Pen instead.

> For what are you needing scissors?

I guess he's felinicide-intolerant.

> The kitten scene is great for, if nothing else, the silly Internet meme it has 
> birthed.

Then I guess I'm out of the internet, or the meme is thankfully not widespread.

> I haven't been able to get into the manga, so the analytic conversation between 
> M, Carl, Ebj, et al., is an interesting read.

Glad to oblige, although probably I tend to become too verbose to clearly say 
what I mean.

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