[EVA] "What do you wish for?" (was Eva Manga Stage 74)

Rachel K. Clark rachel.k.clark at comcast.net
Mon Nov 6 18:35:00 EST 2006

Ebj wrote:

> When would that be? Do you mean when he strangles her? Is he even part of 
> the process in the same way the others are, even though what we see in the 
> movie indicates otherwise (not at the same time at least, plus being at 
> the center of the event, having a degree of control on it, being inside an 
> Anti-ATField etc...)?

Shinji's Tangification (as the process is known in some circles) occurred 
right before the sand-pyramid scene. Yui said, "This Rei is your heart, your 
very hopes and dreams." Rei said, "What do you wish for?" An image of a 
female figure squeezing her breasts together is superimposed over Shinji. 
(Clean version: 
http://www.evacommentary.org/episode-m26/m26_C174_b_col-disc.jpg ) It 
doesn't take much guesswork to figure out who this is supposed to be; but it 
is interesting to note how the face is cropped off and the breasts 

> Kinda hard to do. Aoba is still an unknown factor, but Gendo wanted to be 
> punished.

Gendo's situation is distinctly different from the others, so it can't be 
directly compared and a conclusion so easily drawn.

>What really is weird is the half-Gendo in Real-Eva01's hand. Maybe that's 
>the way he wanted his reality to be and so reality was bent that way, but 
>we really don't know (gee, I should put a (tm)Gainax after this last 

There is a nice little thread (with lots of pictures!) about Gendo's fate 


> Of course, she sees Pen Pen instead.

"You want to show this to Pen-Pen, don't you?"


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