[EVA] "What do you wish for?" (was Eva Manga Stage 74)

Rachel K. Clark rachel.k.clark at comcast.net
Mon Nov 6 22:59:26 EST 2006

RJN wrote:

> @Aoba got Rei. Either he's a loli-fancier...or fancies Maya, but she's
> still alive so Rei-Lilith can't borrow her form.

Is it a hard and fast rule that she can only appear as the dead, or is it 
just a coincidence that the ones being desired have died already?

I don't think anything resembling a consensus has ever arisen for Aoba's 
case. I doubt that the implications are a desire for Rei (lots of them). Are 
they implying that there is nothing/no-one he desires? Or is he impervious 
to Rei's illusions, and makes a rather flimsy attempt to escape what quickly 
becomes an army? Then, Rei's default appearance throughout this sequence is 
that of her uniformed self, and the ones that corner Aoba are very naked. 
It's as if Gendo's clone army has returned from the dead (oh no, more dead 
people...) to share their copious amounts of destrudo with uncooperative 

I forgot about Keel -- talk about weird. He just sees this strange, reddish 
light, which lingers even after his organic parts turn to LCL. The 
omnipresent giggling at the site lets you know that Rei is there, even if 
she isn't visible.

> Does Misato want to see her father?  As Kaji is already dead, it would
> be him IMO (also in the elevator corridor she talks to Kaji, so might
> actually be seeing him just before she dies)

The Rei that Misato and Ritsuko see before they die don't necessarily 
correspond to the ones that appear to Hyuga, et al., in the guises of 
'something desired' (or whatever). Misato isn't even looking at Rei right 
before she gets blown into chunks -- so who really knows. Ritsuko definitely 
saw something (Rei gave her a look rather like the one she was giving her 
disembodied clones, earlier in #25') -- but did she see Rei for Rei, or as 
somebody/something else? In any case, Rei visits both of them again later to 
harvest their souls.

Peculiarly, both Rei 1 and Rei 2 see people before they die: Kaworu and 
Gendo, respectively. Is Rei 3 up to her tricks again?

About my father comment, I was poking fun at Misato's Father Complex. Not 
that finding qualities present in one's parental units attractive (in e.g. 
the opposite sex) is very unusual, but Misato seems to take things a bit 
farther than most.

+++ Episode #25 +++

No! Stop it! Don't show this part of me to Shinji!

There's no reason to be embarrassed after all that has happened.

It IS embarrassing!

Why is it embarrassing?
You have no problem...
no, you actually enjoy presenting this side of yourself to the man you love.

No! Please stop!

In all honesty, you are actually happy to show this to Shinji.

That's a lie! You're wrong! Wrong!

I don't know about that.
****You actually want to show this to your father, don't you?****

You're wrong!

You sought peace in Kaji's face as he slept.

You're wrong!

You sought peace in Kaji's warmth.

You're wrong!

You sought your father in Kaji's arms.

It's not true!


My, my, my. How many women out there want to have their daddies watch them 
have hot sex with men they were attracted to precisely because they were 
unknowingly seeking a version of daddy they could sleep with? It would be 
awesome if the Doctor's soul had been perfectly preserved in Antarctica all 
those long years and Misato could get her wish.

(Dr. Katsuragi: This is my Misato? Mommy's little angel? She spent a whole 
week of college doing ... this??)

Would Misato hop into bed with Dad if it were possible? ("Why settle for a 
cheap imitation when you can have the real thing?") I wouldn't put anything 
past that woman. Nyuk nyuk.


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