[EVA] "What do you wish for?" (was Eva Manga Stage 74)

RJN rjn at beeb.net
Tue Nov 7 12:04:37 EST 2006

: My, my, my. How many women out there want to have their daddies
watch them
: have hot sex with men they were attracted to precisely because they
: unknowingly seeking a version of daddy they could sleep with? It
would be
: awesome if the Doctor's soul had been perfectly preserved in
Antarctica all
: those long years and Misato could get her wish.
: (Dr. Katsuragi: This is my Misato? Mommy's little angel? She spent a
: week of college doing ... this??)
: Would Misato hop into bed with Dad if it were possible? ("Why settle
for a
: cheap imitation when you can have the real thing?") I wouldn't put
: past that woman. Nyuk nyuk.
: --Reichu

But Eva is about children suffering from separation &/or lack of
closure.  Shinji's fascination with Rei, & even feelings inside 01 are
linked to that.  Ritsuko's real love is her mother, & by extension the
Magi. Misato's attatchment with Kaji is partially wanting to
understand her father (why did she go to Antarctica with him?  was her
mother so incapacitated that father was the only parent/guardian & had
to take her? was Misato running away from her mother's grief? was Dr
Katsuragi influenced to bring Misato? did chibi-Misato have a
father-love complex?)

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