[EVA] "What do you wish for?" (was Eva Manga Stage 74)

Ebj ebj.nerv at flashnet.it
Tue Nov 7 13:23:02 EST 2006

> Is it a hard and fast rule that she can only appear as the dead, or is it just 
> a coincidence that the ones being desired have died already?

For now, I'd go with the coincidence. Also, all three Reis witness Gendo's 
demise, and the last one isn't technically dead.

> I don't think anything resembling a consensus has ever arisen for Aoba's
> Lilim.

Possibly a loner that requires a stronger anti-atfield to be de-individualized, 
but who knows.

> I forgot about Keel -- talk about weird. He just sees this strange, reddish 
> light, which lingers even after his organic parts turn to LCL. The omnipresent 
> giggling at the site lets you know that Rei is there, even if she isn't 
> visible.

Keel wishes for nonexistance, so in a sense what he sees is what he's going to 

> Peculiarly, both Rei 1 and Rei 2 see people before they die: Kaworu and Gendo, 
> respectively. Is Rei 3 up to her tricks again?

The significance of Kaworu being reflected in Rei I's eyes when she dies 
is...obscure at best.

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