[EVA] Manga Stage 75 -- missing line

M bochan at r4.dion.ne.jp
Sun Nov 26 07:01:06 EST 2006

And it looks like I missed a line by Fuyutsuki.
The added portions are marked by asterisks.

Scene: Gendo's office
Fuyutsuki: The old men were too impatient.
Gendo: It's not unexpected. After all, Eva, Adam and Lilith -- all  
lie within our hands.
***Fuyutsuki: Don't you think Eva-01's pilot did well?***
(***Gendo does not respond.*** Fuyutsuki looks at Gendo, and a pan  
shot of the office reveals Rei standing a slight distance away from  
the two)
Fuyutsuki: Still... with the Lance of Longinus lost, even had that  
boy contacted Lilith, Instrumentality would have probably ended  
Gendo: The Lance of Longinus... and the most essential part of all  
were missing.
(Fuyutsuki looks over his shoulder at Rei)
Fuyutsuki: Lilith's lacking/wanting/deficient/imperfect heart...

"m"  <- small m

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