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sorry if this has been brought up already, but do we have any idea when we 
will see an english translation of volume 10 hit stores?

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>Two months in a row, and we are now in EoE territory.
>Poor Shinji...
>Stage 75: Lacking/Wanting/Deficient/Imperfect Hearts
>Cover: Makoto, Shigeru and Maya relaxing with coffee in the Command  Center
>Lead-in text: Shinji's anguish continues
>Scene: Off-camera, almost as if in abstract or thoughts
>Shinji: I was attracted to him/captivated by him.
>(close-up of Kaworu)
>Shinji: Before I knew it... somewhere deep in my heart...
>Shinji: Even though I knew I shouldn't like a guy like that. Even  though I 
>thought I didn't need any more friends.
>Shinji: Even though... So why do people become attracted to those  other 
>than themselves?
>(The scene shifts and we now see that Shinji and Misato are talking  inside 
>Misato's car, descending on the car-train into the Geofront.  Misato leans 
>forward against the steering wheel)
>Misato: Well, because God made people that way.
>(Shinji does not respond)
>Misato: Put another way, people are imperfect creatures that cannot  live 
>alone. But we have to go on living, even if we are imperfect.  And given 
>that we were born that way, I think there is significance  in seeking each 
>other and even hurting each other.
>(Shinji still does not respond and just sits listlessly. Misato  glances 
>over and grabs his shoulder)
>Misato (sharply): Pull yourself together! It isn't all over yet! If  
>anything, the real battle may just be starting!
>Shinji: (pause) I don't care.
>(Misato stops short and her eyes widen slightly)
>Shinji: I don't want to hear that anymore. Even I understand the  'great 
>cause'. And Misato, what you say is always right. But I don't  want to hear 
>it anymore.
>(The car-train comes to a stop with a clack)
>Shinji (gradually increasing in intensity): I'm the one who fights,  not 
>you, Misato. That's how it's always been, and how it always will  be. All 
>you ever do is just give orders from the other side of the  monitor. You 
>don't understand how I've felt as I've fought this far!
>(Misato draws back her hand in anger to strike Shinji, but stops)
>Misato (slightly puzzled): Is that really what you think?
>Shinji (looking askance at Misato): ... Aren't you going to hit me?  Even 
>though you could. [i.e. Even though you would be justified for  what I 
>Shinji (abruptly): I'm getting out.
>(Shinji exits the car and walks toward the door without looking back.  
>Misato hurriedly gets out of the car)
>Misato: Shinji! Wait right there! Shinji!
>(Shinji continues through the door, which closes behind him. Misato  stares 
>at the closed door with a troubled expression)
>Misato: How could I not understand...
>Misato (thinking): And it's because I do understand that it's  painful... 
>to have to give you those orders.
>Misato: But we just don't have time to complain, Shinji.
>[Note: Misato's thoughts and words are mixed in the last panel.]
>Scene: Makoto, Shigeru and Maya sit and talk, drinking coffee in the  
>darkened Command Center
>Maya: A total ban on access to and from Headquarters!?
>Makoto: I guess we're still at Level-1 Alert?
>Maya: Why? Wasn't that the last Angel? That boy...
>Shigeru: That's right... All the Angels should have been destroyed.
>Makoto: Isn't there supposed to be peace now?
>Maya: Then, what'll happen to NERV? And the Evas? I wish Senpai=Dr.  Akagi 
>was here... [Lit: Even Sempai=Dr. Akagi isn't here now...]
>Shigeru: NERV will probably be disbanded, and as for what'll happen  to 
>us... who knows.
>Makoto (thinking): We'll just have to stick it out by ourselves...  until 
>the Instrumentality Project starts...
>Scene: SEELE monoliths
>SEELE ??: Tabrith...
>SEELE ??: All was well up to the opening of Heaven's Door,
>SEELE ??: But at that final moment did he betray us?
>SEELE 08: It would be wrong to blame him. If one were to think that  this 
>was the scenario from the start.
>SEELE 03: Indeed.
>SEELE 04: That he was the last Angel is true, but nowhere is it  written in 
>the Dead Sea Scrolls that he was the successor of life.
>SEELE 01: We will no longer borrow the power of Adam and the Angels.  We 
>must undertake Instrumentality by our own hands. So that gods and  humans 
>and all life may in time be united into one.
>SEELE 09: The fate of destruction is also the joy of rebirth.
>SEELE 10: And now indeed, that time has come
>SEELE 02: But before that, there is a matter that must not be  forgotten. 
>Ikari Gendo. A man who turned his back on us and rejected  destruction. And 
>who schemes for his own Instrumentality.
>SEELE ??: We shall have him atone with his death.
>Scene: Gendo's office
>Fuyutsuki: The old men were too impatient.
>Gendo: It's not unexpected. After all, Eva, Adam and Lilith -- all  lie 
>within our hands.
>(Fuyutsuki looks at Gendo, and a pan shot of the office reveals Rei  
>standing a slight distance away from the two)
>Fuyutsuki: Still... with the Lance of Longinus lost, even had that  boy 
>contacted Lilith, Instrumentality would have probably ended  incomplete.
>Gendo: The Lance of Longinus... and the most essential part of all  were 
>(Fuyutsuki looks over his shoulder at Rei)
>Fuyutsuki: Lilith's lacking/wanting/deficient/imperfect heart...
>Scene: Asuka's sickroom
>(Shinji stands and stares at Asuka motionless in bed)
>Shinji: Asuka... Wake up, Asuka. How long are you just going to lie  there 
>like that? I'm having a tough time, all by myself. I've even  lost Eva-01, 
>and everyone has died. Ayanami, Nagisa, and even Kaji.
>(Asuka shows no response)
>Shinji: Asuka! I said wake up!
>(Shinji grabs Asuka's arm and raises Asuka's torso partway off the  bed, 
>but there is still no response)
>Shinji: This isn't like you, Asuka. Laugh and get angry like before.
>(Shinji grabs both shoulders and starts shaking Asuka)
>Shinji: Make fun of me! Curse at me! Boss me around! This isn't like  you, 
>Asuka! The Asuka I want to protect isn't this empty shell!!
>(Asuka's mouth opens and she emits a terrible scream)
>(Before Shinji can recover from his surprise, Asuka rakes her  fingernails 
>across his cheek, and with a ferocious expression pushes  him back and down 
>onto the floor, straddling and choking him)
>Shinji: Asu- Stop! I can't brea-!!
>(Two doctors and a nurse burst into the room)
>Doctor 1: What are you doing!
>Doctor 2: Let go of him, you!
>Doctor 1: Restrain her!
>(The two doctors pull Asuka off Shinji, and the nurse checks to see  if he 
>is okay)
>Nurse: Are... you okay?
>Shinji (coughing): Yes...
>(Shinji gasps for breath and watches as the doctors restrain Asuka)
>Doctor 1: Give her a sedative! Quickly!
>Asuka: KIIIII!!!
>Doctor 2: Hey! Calm down!
>Nurse: Let's get you out of here.
>Shinji: But...
>Nurse: Just go! Quickly!
>(The nurse pushes Shinji out of the room, but Shinji hears Asuka  
>Asuka: -te! Hate! HATE!! I HATE EVERYONE!!!
>(The doctors give Asuka a shot and the door slides closed behind  Shinji, 
>leaving him alone in the silent corridor. Still gasping  slightly, he rubs 
>his cheek with the back of his hand and notices the  blood there.)
>Shinji (thinking): Asuka... why...
>(Movement down the corridor catches Shinji's eye, and he looks up to  see 
>his father and Rei walking by at an intersection at the end of  the 
>corridor. Rei turns her head and the two's eyes meet, but Rei  shows no 
>recognition or other emotion, and she faces forward again  and continues 
>walking after Gendo. As Rei disappears from Shinji's  view, all that has 
>happened seems to hit Shinji at once, and he  slumps weakly down with his 
>back against Asuka's sickroom door,  cradling his knees, and begins to 
>Shinji: *muffled sobbing sounds*
>Ending text: Lacking/wanting/deficient/imperfect hearts, and  imperfect 
>- End Stage 75
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