[EVA] Manga Stage 75

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Excellent stage and thanks for translating it. :)

Sadamoto brilliantly managed in a single stage to give a consistent reason why
Shinji should be miserable as he is in the movies. Still, he may well not go the
same way as he did there.

Misato appears much more humane and less driven by her own vendetta. At the same
time, Seele and Gendou give us little bits of further insight about their plans
and reasons. Not much but it works to give more self-consistence to the
The bridge bunnies are almost the same way they are in the movie save for
Makoto's last line.

Shinji's behavior and Asuka's reaction are very well done. Shinji testifies once
again that he is willing to go against danger to protect loved ones (as opposed
to doing it for the greater cause, as he points out to Misato), but he's finding
a hard time doing so when his loved ones are dying around him or ceasing to be
the way he knew them. The way he wants Asuka to be with him reflects his need for
the comfort of what he's used to, but IMO is also an acknowledgement of her
status as his 'peer', not an adult from which to keep at a certain distance
(Misato again, his father) nor a simple 'friend' (Kaworu).

Asuka's outburst (which is visually stunning) replaces the one in the Director's
Cut episode 22 (or was it 21) in the bathroom. Having it placed here is perhaps
best because it becomes sort of a consequence of her mindrape experience, and
it's the downwards side of her recovery process. From that slope she will end up
to confronting herself, her deathwish and emerge as she did in the movie, though
hopefully not as short-sighted as to think that, as long as she's inside an
ATField, she's safe. Wouldn't mind Sadamoto handling things differently there,
though we have seen that he's changing details but still keeping main events the
same way so far.

Shinji's last strand of hope breaks as he faces the fact that he can't turn to
Rei anymore for the kinship he felt (which was at least partly due to the
look/feel of a mother she had for him) with her is lost as much as her memories
of what they had shared. We had wondered how Sadamoto would've handled the
Beginning of the End, and now we know. Great stage.

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