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Excellent stage and thanks for translating it. :)

Sadamoto brilliantly managed in a single stage to give a consistent
reason why
Shinji should be miserable as he is in the movies. Still, he may well
not go the
same way as he did there.

@ He seems more TV eps 25 & 26 angry-miserable/kill-all/rebellious
than the suicidal puddle of jelly he was in EoE. I'd much rather have
the former.

Misato appears much more humane and less driven by her own vendetta.
@Some of her attempted pep-talk was more like the elevator scene, than
TV ep 24 finger wagging (which IMO was disguised gloating)

 At the same time, Seele and Gendou give us little bits of further
insight about their plans and reasons. Not much but it works to give
more self-consistence to the storytelling. The bridge bunnies are
almost the same way they are in the movie save for Makoto's last line.
@The scene that was obviously missing, & I hope comes later, is Misato
hacking into the Magi. Maybe next stage, or whichever comes just
before an attack, I can see a stage ending with that scene. :)

Shinji's behavior and Asuka's reaction are very well done. Shinji
testifies once
again that he is willing to go against danger to protect loved ones
(as opposed
to doing it for the greater cause, as he points out to Misato), but
he's finding
a hard time doing so when his loved ones are dying around him or
ceasing to be
the way he knew them. The way he wants Asuka to be with him reflects
his need for the comfort of what he's used to, but IMO is also an
acknowledgement of her status as his 'peer', not an adult from which
to keep at a certain distance
(Misato again, his father) nor a simple 'friend' (Kaworu).
@If only it had been in the movie (Air) like that instead of Anno
thumbing his "artistic" nose at censors & critics!

 From that slope she will end up to confronting herself, her deathwish
and emerge as she did in the movie, though hopefully not as
short-sighted as to think that, as long as she's inside an ATField,
she's safe. Wouldn't mind Sadamoto handling things differently there,
though we have seen that he's changing details but still keeping main
events the same way so far.
@ Perhaps Asuka is who will pull Shinji through, & there will not be
the long Complementation dialogues & monologues EoE had.  I wouldn't
mind a TV shorter dialogue style stage/session though.

Shinji's last strand of hope breaks as he faces the fact that he can't
turn to
Rei anymore for the kinship he felt (which was at least partly due to
look/feel of a mother she had for him) with her is lost as much as her
of what they had shared. We had wondered how Sadamoto would've handled
the Beginning of the End, and now we know. Great stage.
@ Rei flesh & blood yes.

Still a lot more manga to come I hope...

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