[EVA] If it weren't for Sadamoto (Was: Manga Stage 75)

M bochan at r4.dion.ne.jp
Tue Nov 28 18:06:47 EST 2006

>> << Also, Sadamoto was more important to the anime storyline than
>> most people are aware.  He was not just a character designer and
>> occasional collaborator or sounding board.  Had it not been for
>> Sadamoto, the anime as we know it would be completely different,
>> and would not even have been named "Evangelion". >>
>> Could you elaborate, please?
> I remember reading about Sadamoto's influence in the title "Neon
> Genesis Evangelion."  I searched the internet for about half an hour
> but couldn't find mention of it again.
> The story, as I recall, was that Anno wanted to call the series  
> something
> else (it didn't even have the word Evangelion in it).  Sadamoto  
> insisted
> upon the title as we know it today, and Anno eventually conceded.

When the very first meeting was held before the title had even been  
decided, Anno already had the theme of "a battle between gods and  
humans" (i.e. a story on a grand scale influenced by the likes of Go  
Nagai's "Devilman") and proposed the name "Alcion (Arushion)", but  
Sadamoto disagreed strongly because it did not sound "strong" enough,  
and pushed "Evangelion" even though it had already been rejected  
once.  Sadamoto was also responsible for the main character being a  
boy (as opposed to Anno wanting another girl character like  
"Gunbuster" or "Nadia"), and for the entire "dead mother's soul  
inside robot that is operated by psychic/spiritual bonding with that  
mother's child via the A10 nerve" structure, not to mention the  
"death of mother at young age results in parched/strained parent- 
child relations" setting.

In short, with the exception of the main theme (gods vs. humans),  
just about everything we know and love about Eva really came from  
Sadamoto, and probably led to much of the pedantry as well, given  
that the name "Evangelion" (Evangelous) itself was at least in part  
the basis for the overkill use of Judeo-Christian symbolism.

Yes, I know this flies in the face of what most people think they  
know about Sadamoto's role in Eva, but it comes straight from the  
horse's mouth.  It is also one reason why I consider the Eva manga to  
be separate but equal to the anime, rather than an inferior remake.

Give me a few days to do a fuller interview translation...


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