[EVA] New Eva Movies and manga - hot news

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Mon Oct 23 18:09:30 EDT 2006

Here are some very hot news (well, rather old, from this years Connichi convention in Kassel, Germany, in September this year) directly out of Sadamotos mouth:

- There will be 3 movies not 4. (They insisted on it.)
- GAINAX will have indeed nothing to do with it.
- It seems Anno came up with the idea. (That's a good thing I believe. First it wouldn't be the same EVA if GAINAX but not Anno was involved. And I could believe that he won't do it because of the money but rather because he wants to correct his work once more, at least I hope so.)
- Sadamoto and Tsurumaki will be in the team again.
- The 2nd and 3rd movie will center around EoE - not the TV ending. (Well, a sequel to EoE?? oO wtf??)
- (This isn't from the con, I read it somewhere else, but it sounded plausible:) The 3 movie will be again split into two parts. (So there we have the 4 movies again. I could imagine 3a will retell new movie 1 and 2 plus give a preview of 3b.)

Here is something about the manga:
- Sadamoto only thinks of the next chapter he's working on. But he plans to finish the manga with volume 12 or 13.
- He will kind of mix the TV ending and EoE in the manga with an emphasis on EoE - if I remember it right.
- The first angel is definitely Adam. The second one is ... Well he leaves it Anno - who wasn't present. (It seemed, that he doesn't know it either, or Anno wanted him to keep it as a secret.)

A video of the interview exists. If I find the time, I'll encode, sub (it's Japanese with German translation) and upload it ... Well could take some time ...


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