[EVA] Newtype article excerpt (Was: They mean, the first part will arrive in spring 2008 ^_^)

M bochan at r4.dion.ne.jp
Fri Sep 8 08:48:57 EDT 2006

> So same basic story, different aproach and details.

More or less, yes.
I have read Producer Ohtsuki's Newtype interview on the new Eva  
movies from the scans posted on the web.  (blurry, tiny print *gah*)   
Here is an excerpt of IMO the relevant points:

      "It will be a work that can be enjoyed even if you have not  
seen the TV series. I want old hard-core fans and even fans who just  
know Eva from pachinko to view it as a single (i.e. stand-alone)  
movie.  We welcome first-time viewers, so the contents will be  
simpler, but we don’t intend to make something on a level that can be  
understood just by spacing out and watching it.
      "When you say 'Eva' there are probably people who are reminded  
of a worldview steeped in mystery, but this time it looks like those  
types of elements will be kept to a minimum.
      "This is because techniques such as intentionally scattering  
difficult to understand phrases to create uncertainty are 12 years  
old.  The essence of this project is to foil all expectations that  
everyone has towards Eva."

The interview page also includes the eyecatch text:

"An enormous amount of new settings have been added. And new  



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