[EVA] Final release of original Eva?

Peter Svensson sun1jack at hotmail.com
Tue May 1 02:20:57 EDT 2007

>I think he means that Second Impact DVD Box sets only
>have the TV broadcast versions of episodes 21-24,
>rather than the home video versions of those episodes.
>  The original DVD release of the TV series only had
>the home video versions of episodes 21-24.  IIRC, it
>was only with Renewal that both versions of episodes
>21-24 were made available in the same DVD set.

I'll elaborate.

Every episode of Evangelion except for 26 was altered for the original home 
video release in Japan. For most episodes, the alterations were minor and 
consisted of a new next episode preview and some cleaned up animation here 
and there. Episodes 21-24 were altered heavily, partially to add retcons to 
make the series flow better with the films, and also to reward the fans for 
waiting so long for those episodes to be released as Evangelion's home video 
release was delayed while Gainax worked on the films. But every episode had 
some alterations done to it for the original VHS, LD and DVD release.

(Those delays in the release schedule made it so that ADV Films managed to 
release Episodes 25-26 in North America before those episodes were released 
on home video in Japan! Reportedly, Gainax was not pleased.)

So, knowing how to squeeze more money from the fans, Gainax then released 
the original as-aired-on-TV version of Evangelion along with the End of 
Evangelion and Girlfriend of Steel in three limited edition DVD boxsets 
called "Second Impact Collection." or something to that extent. This allowed 
fans to see the series as it originally aired, with 15 second next episode 
previews and less refined animation in some spots.

THEN Gainax released the series again as Renewal of Evangelion with 
remastered video, and both versions of 21-24. (Though the basis of Renewal 
was the revised home video versions from the 1st DVD release, not the 
original TV airing version from the 2nd.) It also included Death but not 

And now there's yet another DVD release on the way.

So to recap:

Genesis 0:0 VHS, In the Beginning. An Evangelion behind the scenes promo 
Genesis 0:0' VHS, A Light From the Darkness. Another promo video.
Home Video release of Evangelion on LD and VHS, containing TV episodes 1-26, 
25' and 26' on 14 volumes.
Special release of the original version of 21-24 as Genesis 0:X.
Evangelion Symphonic Concert on LD.
Limited Edition VHS and LD box set of Death and Rebirth and The End of 
Individual VHS and LD releases of Death and Rebirth and The End of 
DVD release of Episodes 1-26, 25' and 26' on 7 volumes.
Second Impact DVD boxsets collecting the original TV versions of 25-26, 
25'-26', and Girlfriend of Steel in three volumes.
(Apparently a rerelease of the original 7 DVD volumes occured around this 
Renewal of Evangelion Testtype DVD promo of the upcoming Renewal Boxset, 
containing Episode 1 remastered.
Renewal of Evangelion DVD boxset collecting episodes 1-26, 21-24 original TV 
versions, Death, The End of Evangelion, Genesis 0:0, Genesis 0:0', and bonus 
footage from EoE and elsewhere.
Individual release of the Renewal of Evangelion DVDs. Bonus footage not 
released individually. :(

And now the upcoming DVD release.

I think that's all of the releases of Evangelion in Japan.

Peter Svensson

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