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: >I have extracts translated from Newtype (J) articles in old issues
: >Protoculture Addicts.  I think its the Anime Expo 96 edition as
: >was there, LMK if you want the PA#..
: >
: >>From memory Anno did say he & the others were happy, & the ending
: >left ambiguous for viewers to draw their own conclusions.
: >
: >His creative reason for EoE, & in particular for killing Misato
: >(sniff) & Ritsuko so individually, was to show the Japanese youth
: >life is ugly & cruel & harsh outside the protective enviroments of
: >home & school.
 To Anno's great credit, after EVA, when he was preparing for
KareKano, he visited four Tokyo-area high-schools to talk to actual
students about what was really on their mind.

Probbly helped fuel his ideas for "Love & Pop" as well.(?)
: Nor was the EVA TV show gentle about showing either emotions or
blood; that's part of what made it so controversial (and made people
respond to it). I also think choosing the deaths of Misato and Ritsuko
as showing the harshness of EoE is odd. They both had romanticized,
tragic heroine-type movie deaths, complete with a final showdown and
last words to a loved one.

@Ritsuko's death was hardly romantic. She tried to kill everyone
including herself, & was rightfully shot by Gendou as the owner of a
maddened dog might shoot his pet (which act reinforces my belief he
killed Kaji, dispose of liabilities who have outlived their

Misato's death was more heroic, & her last desperate speech to
snivelling Shinji, is more emotional than any other part of EoE. :(

:Surely much more brutal (and realistic) were the deaths of the NERV
staff, :slaughtered without mercy or pity (in fact to me the most
brutal scene in the entire film is when the person trying to drag away
the corpse is herself shot--in other words, shot while showing pity
for the dead).

@That scene was truly shocking, & still stuns me to this day. The man
killed begging for his life, & using a flame thrower on a roomful of
women (screams heard) was as bad as the gorl who was killed.

When Misato rescued Shinji & wickedly blew the JSSDF soldier's brains
out, was shocking as well, but then I realised that she knew what
these people were like - from the past or guessing, & gave no mercy. I
forgave her & Anno as NERV was effectively at war. Misato was a good
protector-mother, not as a conventional human family member maybe, but
as a lioness defending her cubs. ^_^;

The whole "Air" episode & massacre scene is true-Tomino style, better
maybe. Anno's characters are likeable, Tomino's are usually cyphers or

Deciding whether to watching Eva's end thru EoE is like playing
"chicken". Decide to avoid, I lose. :)
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