[EVA] Re: Kaworu's Origins

Aaron Clark aaronc1 at umbc.edu
Tue Dec 1 10:09:31 EST 2009

> This "Us" vs "Them" fandom mentality you seem to be demonstrating is
> actively harmful and disruptive. We're all fans of Evangelion. We can be
> mature and accepting that other people may be different, may like EVA for
> different reasons. You're being SEELE, wanting a unified humanity with one
> point of view, one voice. I argue against your Fandom Complementation
> Project, that would remove the individual voices that speak their minds.

The thing you have to understand about V's mentality is that he takes
things and interprets them the way HE wants and fails to understand
generalizations or context.  I once stated that I felt that Rebuild 1.0
was lackluster because it had only appealed to Evangelion fans, and not
anime fans on a whole, but despite that, I had ENJOYED it, and gave it a
B+.  V latches onto "lackluster" and reads this as "Aaron thinks that it
was lackluster, didn't like it, and no one else should like it either". 
He also once criticised the lack of an Evangelion panel at Otakon, stating
we were "too lazy" to do it, when we simply wanted to give it a break for
a year.

My assumption is that because Kazuya Tsurumaki once said this:

"None of the staff who worked on Eva are Christians. There is no actual
Christian meaning to the show, we just thought the visual symbols of
Christianity look cool."

...that V believes that Evangelion is completely and utterly devoid of
religious meaning, which is completely self defeating because symbols
ALWAYS have meaning despite their usage.  I could tattoo a swastika on my
forehead, and tell people that it has no meaning, or that it's meaning is
the classic one of good luck, but everyone's first assumption would be
that it's one of hate or intolerance because of the heavy meaning that has
been associated with it in more recent history.

I don't doubt that Gainax wasn't trying to say anything about
Christianity, Judaism, or God, and I don't think there is a God in the
world of Evangelion, but you have to agree that the religious substance is
there, even if it is only pseudo-religious, much like the science is
pseudo-science, and also that people WILL read meaning into it because
again, symbols ALWAYS have meaning, that's why they're symbols.


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