[EVA] Re: Kowaru's Origins

ObsessiveMathsFreak obsessivemathsfreak at obsessivemathsfreak.org
Tue Dec 1 20:36:43 EST 2009

Gwern Branwen wrote:
> Actually, in ep 24 a closeup of the exact same sketch as in the OP
> appears at the 50% mark, when Rei is laying on her bed thinking about
> Kaworu and musing 'he looks exactly like me'. Given that placement,
> I'm not inclined to read too much into it.
> The tunnel scene doesn't look too much like the drawing - his eyes are
> blue in the most analogous pose, for example - and it's not like a
> frontal shot of his head would be lacking in general.
I had forgotten about the shot during Rei's monologue, but that wasn't 
the shot I was talking about. The shot in the tunnel or shaft is the 
exact same composition from the shot in the OP and from earlier in the 
episode. Here's a side by side comparision:


It seem fairly clear to me that the OP shot served as the basis for the 
second cut. Right down to the placement of Kaworu;s hair strands. The 
left shot is clearly what the right shot was based off. It's practically 
a trace.

This is the moment where we are told that the AT field is not just a 
floating octagonal barrier and that indeed _everyone_ has an AT field. 
It's a major plot point; the "barrier of the heart" being what is broken 
down in the complementation project.

While the Kaworu flash coming directly after the At field caption in the 
OP _might_ be a simple coincidence, I'm inclined to think it suggests 
that Kaworu was _at least_ going to be the character who eventually 
revealed this vital detail. That is, it points to Kaworu being 
reasonably significant in the overall plot. Does it show that he was 
intended to be the final angel or the avatar of Adam? Not by itself. But 
I'm inclined to think it shows something.

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