[EVA] Re: Otakon

Aaron Clark aaronc1 at umbc.edu
Wed Dec 2 09:51:32 EST 2009

If you had read my previous email, you would know that Alex was NOT
blacklisted from Otakon.  Someone told me it sucked, I asked for more
information, no information was given, and that was the end of it.  Where
did you get the notion that I had blacklisted him, or that I would enter
the opinion of one random friend into a decision making process that I'M
NOT EVEN A PART OF?  Just because YOU think that doesn't make it true. 
Not true enough that you can go around pawning your assumptions to people
as truth.

If next summer comes around, and Alex's panel is again on the schedule of
events, I'll try to attend.  Now that he knows of my existence, he can
feel free to invite me to assist him, but I have no intention in trying to
jump on board with him.  He can do his own thing, and if he needs the
help, I'm confident he can find it on his own like a self-sufficient

Finally, what is this "bothered" business?  Did I miss something?  Did I
sign some sort of contract or agreement to attend his panel, and failing
that, research the exact nature of it?  I don't spend every waking moment
doing meaningless Eva shit.  I have a life too.  If you want to pay me a
salary of 30K a year, I'll gladly save every Evangelion article ever, and
create an expansive collection of images, video, and other information. 
I'll go to conventions, and sweet talk all the ADR directors, and pull a
favor with Carl Horn to interview Hideaki Anno and ask him all the
questions that burn with passion in our loins.  But so far, I've failed to
make a job out of Evangelion.  No surprise there.  So until you decide to
pay me to accomplish all the things that you expect from me, I'm going to
do what I want, when I want, and if I find you being a troll somewhere,
LYING to people about me, I'm going to have to call you out, because I
don't appreciate it, and there is NO WAY you can be a delusional as you
are without it being deliberate.


> Final question on the matter:
> "
> No, that would be ignorant on my part.  I wasn't there, which is why I
> asked for detailed information.  We try to collect feedback on all panels.
>  We want to know what worked, and what didn't.  That's why I asked.  But I
> never black listed anything.  As it stands, all I have to go on is that a
> friend thought it sucked, which is NOT enough to blacklist anyone.  Give
> us a little credit, we don't do that."
> ...would you have bothered to research more information about Alex's
> panel,
> if I hadn't just brought it up?
> Or come next summer, would you have quietly based your sole opinion of the
> panel on
> the brief report you got last year?
> Would you have double-checked to see that Alex's panel did not, in fact,
> "suck", if I didn't call you out on it?
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