[EVA] Re: Otakon

Aaron Clark aaronc1 at umbc.edu
Wed Dec 2 11:08:55 EST 2009

> You tend to be not responsible for things, they tend not to be your fault,
> whenever they go wrong.

> And yet you tend to be responsible for everything that goes right...even
> things you either cannot prove, or that are logically impossible:
> Evangelion airs on Cartoon Network?  "I can't in any way prove this, but I
> feel directly responsible for "getting the show to air" on Cartoon
> Network, because surely, I popularized the show, it's not that ADV wants
> to make money"
> "This is hard" is not a viable argument.

Why don't you use a real quote?  Because as far as I'm aware, I've only
ever said something to the effect of liking the idea that I had a PART in
Evangelion airing on American television.  But this is within the context
of helping to foster community, and that a vibrant community shows
INTEREST and POPULARITY.  I never tried to take credit for Eva airing on
CN.  I just ran a website, talked at some conventions, and started an
awesome forum that's going strong after five years.

But seriously, how about using a real quote so that I can point out how
once again you've altered reality to sell a preconceived narrative?


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