[EVA] Re: Otakon (Rules?)

immano immano at katamail.com
Wed Dec 2 13:58:16 EST 2009

> Do you expect anyone to dig through archives in the hopes that there are
> established rules?  Besides, the archives are all fucked up.  They go back
> to 1980, before Evangelion  or Gainax even existed.

Even if it weren't about the rules, it's still about spamming.

> Don't cite non-existent rules.  It's not going to accomplish anything.
> Not now, not ever.  If you're going to hold people to some behavioral
> framework, then they need to be aware of what that is.

I notice you take an antagonistic stance on this as though I had somehow 
insulted you or in any way. Now, while the list rules *do* state, if 
(magnetic) memory serves, that "All messages should in some way be 
appropriate to Evangelion. It's ok to discuss other things (within 
reason, of course), but try not to go overboard", this shouldn't really 
need to be written down, should it? It's common sense.

Again, this is not specificly directed to *you*, nor meant to *annoy* 
you, it's just to get back to something that is relevant to everybody 
and not just a few.

Now, because I had sent this message to induce a stop to this thread and 
not to participate in it, I will stop replying. Please do not take this 
as a personal slight or anything of the sort. If you wish, this too may 
continue in private form, but as far as I'm concerned, it's off the list.


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