[EVA] Re: Kaworu's Origins

Peter Svensson sun1jack at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 2 19:55:03 EST 2009

> /me confesses I last read vol 1 ages ago and so have no idea what you
> are talking about

We explicitly see Yui's spirit in the EVA and comfort Shinji before it goes Berserk on Sachiel. And not in a vague symbolic way either. Clearly Yui.

> If they have no AT Fields, aren't they supposed to be Tangified?
> Explaining the AT fields might disturb Shinji and make him even more
> opposed.

That's a really good question. How are the clone Rei having bodies without AT Fields? I mean, they have no soul, but have bodies. And the soul is needed for an AT Field, which a body is just a component of.

Reiquarium. Lets get theorizing!

Peter Svensson

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