[EVA] Kaworu in OP

Rachel K. Clark rachel.k.clark at evageeks.org
Wed Dec 2 20:02:45 EST 2009

I have no idea what the "Kowaraou's Origins" thread is about any more (in 
fact, I have no idea what most of these threads are supposed to be about; 
the subjects seem to rarely bare resemblance to the contents), so I'm just 
going to quickly address something OMF asked about, under the assumption it 
was left hanging.

> The description of the cut of Kaworu in the OP adds  ("The last Angel")
> http://wiki.evageeks.org/FGC:OP_Cut_030
> Now, it should be mentioned that the OP material "the storyboards and
> Eva tomo no kai". It didn't have script page provided for it like the
> episodes. You'd have to ask Reichu where this description comes from
> exactly.

The original storyboard (printed in NGE Storyboard Collection 4) says
"Mysterious, beautiful boy" and "(The last angel)".

> Has anyone checked the original VHS episodes intro? Or better yet, the
> originally broadcasted intros? I'd like to confirm that Kaworu was in
> fact there.

I can't say I can check those first-hand, but the cut-by-cut breakdown of
the OP in Newtype Film Book 1 certainly includes the cut. To my knowledge,
the book was put out after TV broadcast and before VHS release (hence part
of the incentive for Japanese consumers to buy them).


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