[EVA] The soul in Eva 00 belonged to Rei's miscarried child.

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Thematically I agree, nonetheless, I believe that a surprisingly large number of things about the series actually do have an explanation.

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> ....didn't Tsurumaki at one convention outright say "it was one of the Rei clones"?  Was that ever entirely sourced?

This is the first I've heard of it.

And since the show makes it clear that they don't have souls, it'd be a very problematic patch. We run into the issue that many of the people who worked on the show didn't internalize the mythology to the point that we did, or come to the same conclusions based on the bits and pieces of information that we received. Asking someone to give an explanation for a minor backstory element on a series they worked on years ago at a con isn't necessarily going to result in canonical answers.

The fact is that EVA is not an intricate and perfect jewel. It is a human work, and thus flawed. There are going to be elements of Evangelion that we will never get a satisfactory answer to, since no answer existed when the series was created. 

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