[EVA] The soul in Eva 00 belonged to Rei's miscarried child.

Immano immano at katamail.com
Sun Dec 6 09:57:12 EST 2009

> The *pervasive* imagery associating Rei with the Moon, since the  
> beginning?  Lilith made the Moon.

I'm not sure whether my objection actually made it through: "Lilith  
made the Moon" was, like any other piece of info relating to Lilith,  
not perceivable at airtime nor for a long time after that, it wasn't  
available and chances are they hadn't even thought about it. Best we  
could tell, since IIRC one of the first ideas for Eva was that "Angels  
come from the Moon" (the Black vs. White thing comes with the movies  
and the DC) and Rei was the clearly different girl associated with it,  
was that Rei might either be one, at least partly, but not much else,  
certainly not about Lilith. That's on the assumption that I didn't  
forget anything relevant, of course.


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