[EVA] Ghost Rei in Episode 01 was RE: The soul in Eva 00...

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Not "Gods", just your everyday "God-like Aliens" :)

Yes, the more accurate phrasing is, "Rei/Adam/Lilith is a Living God-like Alien"

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> My problem with the time-traveling theory is that it's as unmotivated
> and problematic as pregnant-Rei-ensouling-Eva00:

It's also nonsensical.  There are no "God(s)" in Evangelion.  There's
nothing about the seeds or angels that we could call divinity.  Sure,
Seele tends to speak in more religious terms, calling Eva Unit-01 a living
god, but they're crazy cultists as far as I'm concerned.  They're the most
pseudo-religious element in the entire series.  Just because they referred
to 01 as a living god doesn't mean that there could be gods in the show. 
The notion that Lilith could or would travel back in time is totally
without precedent.  And for what reason would she/it do that anyway?  Just
to confuse Shinji?  I still consider it a huge plot hole that they tried
to fill with a visual parallel at the end of EoE.

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